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AMX Touch Panels

AMX touch panel control systems for business, government
and education

Audio visual, video conferencing and facility command and control systems

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AMX Modero® Touch Panels are an award-winning family consistently recognized throughout the industry as the most powerful and stylish user interfaces on the market. The Modero Touch Panel line includes a broad range of products to satisfy any environment and budget. They include state-of-the-art video capabilities offering bright, high contrast, high resolution color displays in a variety of sizes. These powerful products simplify the management of an endless number of devices from custom graphic user interfaces providing an elegant, easy to use central point of control. Our wireless touch panels give the user the freedom to control systems from anywhere powered by innovative low-energy consuming batteries. In addition, a growing number of Modero touch panels are now intercom and telephone enabled (via VoIP) so the presenter can call a help desk at the push of a button from the touch panel.


Control system operations begin with the user interface, AMX Touch Panels and Keypads, which use a combination of touch-activated buttons and icons to easily and effortlessly navigate the system and carry out any required command. Whether you need to light up an entire boardroom or power down every inch of a 20,000 square foot estate, these interfaces are simple to operate, but smart enough to group the hundreds of required steps to deliver instantaneous, automated directions — all with the slightest touch.

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From controlling one component to managing 1000 devices, no job is too large or too small for AMX NetLinx Integrated Controllers, the nerve centers of every control system. With smart processors and powerful memory reserves, these controllers can carry out multiple automated command sequences to produce instant, flawless results from the devices they control.


The AMX Control System was designed to communicate with the electronic devices that populate our entire world. From CD changers, plasma screens and jacuzzi jets, to cameras, projectors and communication satellites, AMX is ready to command, control and communicate with life around us — easily, accurately and efficiently.


In many boardrooms, there are secondary panels that provide key functionality, typically used when mobility is essential and wireless is the answer. With a simple press of "AUDIO CONFERENCE", your wall sconces are dimmed, the table lights brighten, your conferencing system powers up and all 36 of your global satellite offices are brought onscreen for instant, one-touch dialing and integration. All of your clients' names, numbers and time zones are clearly displayed so that everyone at the table can see who's coming online. At the end of your meeting, another touch returns the room to its original state, leaving your clients wanting to learn more about your company's capabilities. The Modero ViewPoint 5200i — taking your meetings to new heights.

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Finding an available meeting room can be both daunting and frustrating, which is why the 15" Modero Standard and AMX MeetingManager software have become a popular choice for simplifying scheduling woes. Inside the conference room, MeetingManager is continually managing all of the room's connected audiovisual gear as well as the room's hourly, daily and monthly schedule of reservations. In the event of a faulty projector or other issue, a handy "HELP" button is ideal for contacting the IT help desk for assistance. The 15" Modero Standard is also great when wall-mounted outside the room to show who's got the room, for how long and when it will be free. Need to interrupt for a question? Just push the virtual doorbell button to alert attendees. The 15” Modero Standard - bringing the world together, one meeting room at a time.


The executive boardroom is where crucial decisions affect the success, direction and life blood of any company. Chief executives have enough on their plates without having to worry about managing technologically. The flagship of the AMX Touch Panel family boasts an incredible 17 inches of on-screen real estate to display just about any combination of multimedia windows and device controls. During the monthly videoconference, your company's CEO can interface with four vice-presidents at once and still have plenty of room to utilize AMX TakeNote and Computer Control applications to illustrate his talking points onscreen by annotating over a PowerPoint slide being pulled from his PC. The 17” Modero Widescreen — would you trust your company's livelihood to be supported by anything but the best?

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Looks definitely can be deceiving. While it measures just five inches across and is extremely compact and discreet, the Modero 500i plays a huge role as a timesaver and stress reducer for professors and administrators of today's technically challenging classrooms, auditoriums and distance learning centers. After dimming the lights, turning on the microphone, starting the projector, lowering the projection screen, starting the media and adjusting the volume, who has time to teach? However, all it takes is a single button and all of this plus any necessary room adjustments even including temperature and window shades can be made in an instant. And you can intercom your assistant to bring you the papers you forgot, right from the touch panel. It's no surprise why schools of higher learning are continually referring to the Modero 500i as the tiny wonder.

IVCi is a Certified AMX Dealer and Authorized Program Developer. Our in-house AMX-certified programmers and factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support audio visual projects across the country and around the world. As with the other audio visual products we represent, IVCi provides clients withone point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire AMX product line.

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